How did it all Begin?

It’s funny how corporate life is meant to be glued to the chair, staring at the screens, scrolling down meaningless e-mails and even at times pretending to be so busy for the HR has their eyes on you. It does get mundane and I am sure all of us wish to break the line of the rat race and run free. With the wind in our hair, a glass of wine in our hands, soaking the sun and the rain, amidst the beauty of diverse cultures of the planet and just then the next work-related e-mail pops up and bursts your happy bubble.

Love for Travel

The only blessing we found at our workplace was each other. A boy and a girl with dreams on a similar wavelength … to go see the world where God sent us. Coming from middle-class backgrounds in India as kids, we always aspired to travel, to learn new languages, to live a life of a local in other countries and above all to soak in as much beauty of our planet as possible before we bid it adieu.


In three years of courtship, we tasted three countries together and realized it’s not just dreams of travel that binds us but the love for each other that wants us to travel together for the rest of our lives. However, we do agree that travel was the catalyst that brought us together and made us tie the knot.  Now, two years down in marriage, we have seen over 9 countries and cherish each moment spent together even more.


We believe that every place has its own story to tell. When one blends in, he-she gets to live many lives in one. We are quickly turning to be global citizens of the planet with friends and family across, however, that was our dream and as a couple, we are surely living up to it. We have a pact to travel at least twice a year and friends tagging along is always more fun. It feels nice to play the catalyst in the lives of many who wish to go see the world like us, for there is truly no better joy than the joy of travel.


Together we are the tipsy gypsy who love to remain high on the intoxication travel induces. We hope our tales do the same for you.

Never Unpack!

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